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About the SiliconGuide Driver Download System

Our unique driver download system works behind the scenes to ensure that our driver download links are always available.

How does it work

Our database contains links to drivers on manufacturers websites. But we also keep backup copies of all drivers that are in our database on our own private network of backup servers. Everytime you download a link, our system checks to see if the driver is still available on the manufacturer's server. If it is, your download request is routed to the manufacturer. In the eventuality that the driver is not currently available on the manufacturer's server, our system automatically routes your request to one of our backup servers so that you can still have download access to the driver. Files can cease to be available on the manufacturer's server for a number of reasons such as:

  • The manufacturer's server is temporarily down
  • The manufacturer has moved the location of the driver on their server
  • The manufacturer no longer exists
  • The manufacturer has replaced the driver with a newer version
  • The manufacturer no longer supports the operating system for that driver
  • The manufacturer no longer supports that device
  • But in all of these cases, our links continue to function.

    What does this mean for me?

    Quite simply: The SiliconGuide driver download system ensures that all of the drivers in our database are accessible to you at all times.

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